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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your upset, your memories, whatever is on your mind....

Jason and Trikkx family,

We moved from ND to St Paul and began a search for a comfortable, fun, divine and welcoming space to eat and drink and play Ms Pac Man! Only Trikkx has given us the welcome, comfort and memories to begin our new lives here. We will not say you will be missed because we know you will be back. You are the best club in the cities and we will be at your grand opening, wherever it may be. Please keep us all posted for any help we can provide any of you. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

It has come to a sad day to hear the bar is closing. I hope that you all find a new home and we will follow. I have always felt safe here and am so sorry for all of you at Trikkx. It seems to me once again we as a community are being told where we are welcome.

This really STINKS! Now the only Bar left in St Paul will be the TownHouse. Jason you have the best bar in the Cities as far as I am concerned! Will
you be opening somewhere else? I HOPE SO!

I had a great time when I use to be a bouncer with Frances.....
Best place in the twin cities.  I'll try to be there for the old timers Jan 20th.......

Jason and Staff,

We are truly shocked and saddened by the announcement. Trikkx is where we met each other and where we have become regulars each week. I have no idea what we are going to do with ourselves on the weekends. We've come to look forward to seeing so many friends and acquaintances every weekend that it's heart-breaking to think our little gay family at the bar is breaking up.

All of you have provided us with wonderful service, great memories and a laughs galore. We hope you are able to re-open someday in a new space because we appreciate all you've done, but we know that road would be a tough one. You put up a good fight...now, fight even harder to bring it back better than ever!

Thank you again!

I felt safer with Trikkx in the Rossmor building (I rent a condo in the building). People were out smoking in the front and back, laughing - there were no problems EVER. My friends spun records there once a month and we always had a great time.

This is proof that our rights our slowly getting taken away from us...By people taking part in supporting this kind of thing, they are supporting everything that is wrong with this country.

I'm disgusted and as soon as I have a chance to move out of this city that still has this overwhelming farming mentality, I'm taking it.

Thanks for making a place to keep the history of St Paul's gay community.  Urban Renewal actually happened in the late 50's and 60's in St Paul. I was actually at the Village People's performance at The Grande Finale.

Can't believe it....I hope you are able to reopen somewhere else. Is there anything that patrons can do?

Thanks to Ken Keate for the following contribution to "our history" in St Paul:

I'll contribute some memories of the Grand Finale. It wasn't unofficially gay, it was gay. The first Men's Bar since the Noble Roman on Grand Avenue closed in 1976 (it was located at 788 Grand Avenue in the building which the Wild Onion now occupies).

Saint Paul had passed a Gay Rights Ordinance (as it was called) in 1974, a year after Minneapolis. But on April 19, 1978, the ordinance was repealed by a vote of the people pursuant to the referendum provisions in the Saint Paul Charter (which have no equivalent in Minneapolis.) The Grand Finale was a center of work for those of us, in our 20s at the time, who were fighting hard to keep the ordinance from being repealed. That night, the main "party" was at the Saint Paul Hotel. Mayor George Latimer won re election by a landslide. But he left his victory party to come to our event, and declared to all of us--on the night of his reelection--that it was a sad day for Saint Paul. I remember driving down Grand Avenue the night before the election, and getting stopped by one of Saint Paul's finest for speeding. He saw the election stuff in the car, and just let me go. I then headed over to the finale, and remember clearly dancing to "Macho Macho Man." It ended up being, of course, a very sad night for all of us. But Saint Paul's later vote to NOT repeal a new ordinance set the stage for our statewide bill, so in the long run all turned out well.

Trikkx, (and formerly Rumours), have been part of my life since 1994, so the closing is going to be a rather emotional one.  The bar is a second home to many - a place where they could be "themselves" and hang their hat.  Chocked full of stories of "first love", and "coming out", and sadly, a place where we remember those lost to the devastation known as AIDS.  The space and the people are full of life, and love.  The walls and the space will be silenced at the end of January 2007.  It might be easy to simply call it the "end of an era".  Indeed it is.  And we'll all survive.  Gloria Gaynor taught us that.  But for now, we're mourning the loss.  The loss of a place where you were safe, where friends and lovers were made.  A place we indeed called home.  It's not like we're losing another chain restaurant or retail mega-store, we're losing a part of our lives as a community.  A place like this can not and will never be again!  It's a once in a lifetime experience.  Maybe we should be lucky we survived this long?  No, it wasn't luck.  It was the community and the people who supported it, who made it come to life, and who gave it life.  And for me, a place I called home too.  So, if you don't mind, I might need a shoulder or 2 to cry on over the course of the next few weeks.  And I'll be on the dance floor with you for the last song of the last night - I think "Last Dance" is in order.

More Contributions to the History of St Paul's Past GLBT Life:

Did you know that the only time Saint Paul had a bath house, Chester Dax owned it? It was on the Street to the South of the parking log. It wasn't open for very long. The rooms were as large as hotel rooms, and it was very cold inside.

McCaffertys was the bar which occupied the Grand Finale Space before Rumours took over. When they sold out to the Grand Finale, they moved to 788 Grand Avenue, the former location of the Noble Roman gay bar (with a steel dance floor). When the closed the bar, they opened a liquor store on Randolph just east of Hamline.

It has come to a sad day to hear the bar is closing. I hope that you all find a new home and we will follow.  I have always felt safe here and am so sorry for all of you at Trikkx. It seems to me once again we as a community are being told where we are welcome. The owners of the building by there actions are discriminating against us.

I am so sorry to hear this news! Two generations of my family have gone to your establishment; first one of my cousins when you were Rumours and now myself as Trkkix.  It would be nice if you could find another place to buy or lease? Then advertise the hell out of that Trikkx may have been down but never out!  I wish all of the owners and staff continued success no matter what the future may hold for each of you.

Thanks to Mark in Minneapolis:

Ahhh... 490 Robert. I remember it well. It's the address that brought me to the twin cities in May of 1980. I had been to the Grand Finale as Chet's guest several times in previous years (to see the Village People, Vickie Sue Robinson, and Grace Jones). He visited me many times in Madison, Wisconsin. When he called and asked me to replace his head DJ, I thought it would be great fun. In a loaded van, at 3 in the morning, I brought everything I owned to St. Paul. Chet set me up with a roommate named Kelly, who was a hoot. The staff was a riot, inluding Dean, Steve, and Sven (who all lived together), Brian, Gary, and several other characters - all creating an interesting new family for me. The dance floor was huge; My friend Patty would come to the bar before we opened, and we'd roller skate around the floor to our favorite tunes. Anyone remember the disco spider webs over the dance floor? The staff would ocassionally weave these huge string spider webs just below all the lighting. The mirror ball would make these fun patterns across the string that everyone loved. I also remember at that time, Thursday was "St. Paul night". Every Thursday we'd see the Minneapolis crowd make their way over, and the place would be packed without fail - the Finale had incredible energy. When I finally left work their, I decided that the Twin Cities was a great place to be, and it's been home ever since. I often wonder what happened to the great staff at the Finale, my first family away from home.

Trikkx was one of the first places I ever performed and I will miss all of you tremendously!!! All my love and support to all of the staff of Trikkx!!!  I love you!!!!!

From Rick:

I hope you are able to find a new spot (preferably downtown).  I have met so many friends and my boyfriend at Trikkx it is an absolute crime that this has taken place. I suggest everyone send a message to the owners of the Rossmor Building exactly how you feel about this. Especially since this spot has been a gay bar for years (long before lofts were built). Hang in there and understand that we are behind you and will follow you to a new location.

I'm so sad to hear about the closing of another bar I had so much fun going there in the past 20 yrs thank you for all for all the work you have done for everyone. I hope you do open again and soon I will try and get there as many times as I can before you close. Take care and good luck where every you may go from here, Shawn

All I want to say is that they can take the 'space' from us but THEY WILL NOT TAKE OUR HOPES AND DREAMS AWAY!!! Thanks Rumors/Trikkx for a great place to hang out and express ourselves!!!!

They might be able to get us out of 490 Robert but WE WILL BE HERE SOMEWHERE!!!!!

Just wanted to send an email to let you know how sorry we are the Trikkx will be closing. It's always been a big part of our history, and we'll miss coming down for a beer or whatever. There are so many great things about Trikkx, but I'd say the best is that the attitude there is very low-key. I'm not sure where we'll be able to find that again. You should be proud of all the great changes you made over the past year, it's been amazing to watch and experience the transformation. Our hope is that you'll be opening another place, and know that you can count on us to make it our new "watering hole" when you do. Take care ...

St Paul, especially downtown, needs you!

I am deeply saddened that my favorite place to hang out is closing its doors. This place marked a new age in "our" community and will carry it's own legacy here in St. Paul.

Yes there are other places here in the cities but Rumours/Trikkx had the charm that no other could possibly come close. The bartenders were all courtious and didn't throw attitude like the other places across the river, it was truly a class act.

You will be missed by old and young alike as well as the gay community in general. There will never be another place like this ever and if there is, it will never have the charm of Trikkx.

Gary, St. Paul

I really hope you find another location. While I don't go out every weekend, it is nice to have a spot in St. Paul, close to home, to have a good time with. Thanks for all the good times. Hopefully we will see Trikkx II open soon!


I am sorry to hear about Trikkx closing!
It was a refreshing change when Jason took over!
I hope Jason finds a new spot for his bar soon....we need more good bars in the St. Paul area. Best of Luck!


To Jason & the fine Staff

I am sadden and not really sure what I am going to do with my self on Friday & Saturday nights. It was back in 1997 when I started to explore all my thoughts in my mind that I was gay and Trikkx was the first place I attended. I found the atmosphere to be very comforting and I began to make friends in this bar . And the more i came there and the more friends I began to come to the reality that all my thoughts were true. And as I continued to hang out there and make more and more friends I am pleased to have met all of my friends in my new life right there at Trikkx. I game out of the closet in 2000 and it was because of the comfort all of these friends that i have made here at Trikkx.  And thanks to Trikkx I have never been happier. God bless you all and I will see you all at the Grand opening down the road. Thanks for making me understand who I truly am and the lifestyle that I have been so happy in.

God Bless you all

Trikkx has been a tremendous venue for our community for many years. I sincerely hope that you will find a suitable new location. Our community identity and unity has been shaken by the closings of Boom, Over the Rainbow, and now Trikkx. And of course, we've never recovered from the demise of the Gay 90's. We are very much in need of a venue that can serve what the 90's used to be, a place for the entire community to come together. The community needs a gathering place, somewhat more upscale than current venues, with great music we can actually dance to, food, entertainment, drag, showtunes, and of course some sensual enticement. I hope Trikkx comes back as an even stronger asset to the community. You'll have my support.



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