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Trikkx permanently closed after business on Sunday January 28, 2007. 

THANK YOU for your patronage since 1986! The love, the friendship, the memories, the laughter will remain FOREVER. Take a look at some photo's from the last weeks and weekend, and video from the "Last Dance".  The web site will be maintained with information about a possible future location, as well as a community resource, and to indicate any events for the Trikkx extended family. 

March 2007 - "6 Weeks After Closing - A Reflection"


St Paul, Minnesota - Jan 04, 2007

Trikkx is Officially Closing on Sunday January 28, 2007

We are sad to report that Trikkx will close permanently on Sunday January 28. Inherent flaws in our lease caused circumstances to become beyond our control. We will have to vacate the space at 490 North Robert Street no later then the end of January.  This was an unexpected turn in the events stemming from our court victory in the Fall of 2006. For legal reasons, we're limited in the specific details we can report.

This page is intended to serve as an information resource.  While Trikkx owner Jason Mooney is currently and actively researching space and location options for a possible future venue, as of January 28, the operation will close permanently at it's present location.  Efforts are being made to re-open in a new space as soon as possible.

We understand this is devastating news for many, including the owner and staff.  This is not only your home, it is ours as well.   Some of our longest term staff have been with us since the day the bar opened as Rumours in 1986 - and some of our loyal customers have been with us equally as long.

Your patronage, your support, and your friendship through the years are why we are here.  We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please Note: The unexpected temporary closing on Thursday January 18, was completely beyond our control, and unrelated to issues regarding our lease with the Rossmor Building. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Copyright 2007 Trikkx Nightclub, St. Paul MN